Golden Caviar Anti-Aging Day Dream

The gentle day care has the special active ingredient complex of Caviar and Gold. It is therefore an ideal restorative andactive ingredient for luxury cream. The delicate texture is unique andimpresses with its exclusivity. Caviar and honey support the elasticity of theskin. Vitamin E and Ceramides defend against negative environmental influences.The gold makes the skin bright and shine.

Golden Caviar Anti-Aging Night Cream

The high-quality night cream is used for targeted restorative care of the skin. The regenerating properties makes the skin firmer and plumper, the stressed skin gets intensively provided with nutrients and moisture. The innovative combination of active ingredients meets every elite requirement. Caviar activates the cell metabolism and restructures the tissue. The collagen synthesis is increased and the contours firmed. The skin regains its youthful freshness.

Golden Caviar Anti-Aging Lifting Eye Cream

The high qualified product dedicates for the fragile skin. The delicate texture allows ideal absorption. It tightensthe eye area and the strengthens the contours. Small lines and wrinkles will be reduced, eyes appear rested, brighter and radience.

Regenerating Anti-Aging Serum

   Efficient wrinkle removal with a highly concentrated anti-aging cocktail of redefining, hydrating and firming peptides. Wrinkles are significantly reduced by a sustained relaxation of the muscles. The face thus be lifted and supported by energy and anti-oxidant protection.

Brightening Care Cream

he rich cream with silky texture like energy gel, visibly improves the complexion and drives hydration into the skin. The entire skin is rested and re-firmed. It vitalizes the lookof skin tone and smoothed features. The intense formula, infused with multiplenourishing active ingredients, helps rebalance skin. Fine lines and wrinklesare visibly diminished. Beauty rises in a fresh soft even and radiant skin.

Revitalizing PRO Active Protection Eye Serum

With multi-active ingredients which provide effective eye contour lifting and skin repairing effect. Protect the eye areas from external stimulus. It nourishes skin and provides hydration after sun exposure, making the eye areas tightened and radiant.

Rejuvenating Anti-Age Cocktail 50

Combines more than 40 active ingredients cocktail serum, powered by hyaluronic acid and peptides, it relieves severe dehydration, smooths skin texture, improves firmness and elasticity and provides a radiant-looking skin.

Lifting 05

Lifting 05 is a solution that promote the circulation, dissolution and elimination of cellulite nodules. Consist of lipolytic agents and natural extracts, it's ideal for remodeling needs, contour the face and body, lifting and tightening the skin. Skin feels young and energetic.

Hyaluron 2002

Combined with medium and low molecular weight sodium hyaluronate, the small size allows the moisturizing effect reach deeper layers of the skin. It has a long-lasting moisturizing effect, the skin becomes more luminous, firm and moisturized.

HA Rejuvenating Anti-Age Cocktail 1050

A highly effective cocktail serum which contains a blend of over 50 active ingredients, improves skin elasticity and tightens skin, promote elastin and collagen synthesis. Achieves high results for a youthful radiant skin with a smooth skin texture and better skin tone, skin looks healthy and radiance.

Radiance 02

Combination of powerful anti-oxidants such as glutathione and vitamin C, support skin with anti-ageing and whitening effects and protect skin from oxidative aging. Reduce existing dark pigmentation of the skin, improve the skin appearance, leading to a evener skin tone and an radiant-looking skin.

Urban-Protection Serum

The Urban-Protection Serum contains a complex ofTHREE teas that protects the skin from the oxidative degradation of lipids. Oxidative stress such as environmental pollution, excessive UV radiation or nicotine damage the cells and lead to lipid peroxidation. The complex reduces the effects of PhotoAging.

Hydrating Calendula Tonic

The refresh facial tonic revitalizes the skin, gives a long lasting feeling of energy and freshness. Ideal for combination skin or oily skin.

Grapefruit Toning Water

Hydrating skin with the refresh scented Birkenbach Grapefruit Toning Water. It is designed to balance the skin, uplifting and refining.

Refreshing Firming Serum

A refreshing and moisturizing serum that you can use it anytime. Rich in a variety of natural plant extracts, fused with hyaluronic acid and hexapeptide, gives the true experience of refreshing and firming.

Skinclear Cleaning Milk

The cleanser was developed for daily pore-deep cleaning. It soothes the skin during cleansing and stabilizes hydration.

Bust Care Balancing Cream

The rose fragrance velvety bust cream, formulated with special seaweed extract and natural plant extracts, can visibly firms and promotes a shapelier breast silhouette.

Body Ease Gel

Formulated with pure caffeine and seaweed extract, which can visibly firm and lift body contour, reducing the appearance of cellulite with unprecedented results.

Rose Secret Balance Body Cream

Selected Damascus rose, fused with natural plant extract oils, multi-vitamins and seaweed extracts, made this soft and nourishing comfort body cream.

Anti-Aging Hydro Cream

A light and comfortable gel cream that melts at the touch, deeply refreshing and moisturizing the skin.

Golden Caviar Relaxing Cream

A velvety, delicate and comfortable cream that carries full energy, relax the skin at one touch.

 Black Orchid Rejuvenating Cream

This gentle and delicate cream is developed from Black Orchid, with each application, the skin gains firmness and get protect from environmental stressors.

Absolute Radiance Essence Cream

Birkenbach has developed this essence cream treatment with a creamy texture, composed of 7 Alpin plant extracts, riches in amino acids, with the power to inhibit melanin productioh.